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C & D Restorations provides emergency restoration, cleaning and decontamination services for residential, commercial and industrial insurance claims for all types of water, flood, mould, fire, smoke, storm and malicious damage.

Relax and let C & D Restorations put everything right.

We are available 24/7 to assist with your urgent restoration requirements.

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Not sure where to start? Get in touch for a free assessment and quote. There’s no obligation and no pressure, just great advice.

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    C&D Restorations have been putting things right since 1987

    Things come and go but service never goes out of style. C&D Restorations believe that no matter when and where an accident happens, you should always be able to rely on support when you need it most.

    With the latest equipment & technology, we can have things back in order fast. Our range of services means you can rely on us for virtually any job around the clock.

    Our Services


    Drying and cleaning carpets

    Post-flood floor and sub-floor restorations

    Post-flood floor and sub-floor restorations

    Repairing smoke damage

    Indoor air quality testing

    Indoor air quality testing

    Soiled material

    Cleaning clothes and furnishings

    Removing mould and damp

    Major natural disaster specialists

    Major natural disaster specialists

    Repair of electronics and telecommunications

    Electronics and telecommunications repairs

    Water damaged books and documents

    Restoration of water damaged books and documents

    Bacteria and parasite testing

    Bacteria and parasite detection and removal

    Confined space and high-rise restorations

    Confined space and high-rise restorations

    Decontaminating gardens and subfloors